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García Guerrero Jair, Garza Quiñones Jesús, Reza Caballero Jorge, González Treviño Juan Luis.
External ophthalmomyiasis by Oestrus ovis treated with tobacco:
Clinical case report and medical literature review
Med Univer 2014; 16(65)  : 181-183


External ophthalmomyiasis is an infestation of conjunctiva with larvae or maggots of certain flies. Oestrus ovis is the most common cause of human ophthalmomyiasis. The case of a 16-yearold female is described, who presented with foreign body sensation, pain, and redness in the left eye. Slit-lamp biomicroscopy revealed 32 tiny larvae crawling around the conjunctival sac. The larvae were mechanically removed under topical anesthesia, and identified under a light microscope as first-stage larvae of O. ovis causing external ophthalmomyiasis. She was successfully treated with topical tobacco juice.

Follow-up examination of these cases is recommended to avoid possible complications.

Palabras clave: Oestrus ovis, tobacco; external ophthalmomyiasis; larvae myiasis.
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