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Tamez Peña Alejandra Lorena, Tamez Pérez Héctor Eloy, Peña Lazo Anamaría, Ocampo Candiani Jorge, Torres Pérez Juan Francisco.
Use of medications on the elderly
Med Univer 2014; 16(65)  : 199-206


The elderly constitute a growing world population group, with more than 200 million people over 60 years of age. This fact has increased the detection of chronic-degenerative diseases, as well as the prescription and consumption of medicines. The elderly are particularly susceptible to adverse drug events or interactions with other drugs due to their physiological changes, genetic predisposition and environmental exposure. It becomes necessary to adapt the health systems with integral and multidisciplinary approaches suitable to this demographic change, as the knowledge about appropriate prescription, clinical pharmacology and medication use in the elderly has become essential.

It has been shown that about two thirds of elderly patients receive inappropriate drug doses, and a substantial percentage of their hospital admissions are associated with potentially preventable toxic effects of drugs. To date, expert criteria, error detection tools and educational prescription plans have been developed by expert consensus for the safe use of drugs in the geriatric population. The objective of this study is a brief review of the principal physiological changes in an older adult, and summarize the contributions of the consensuses on prescription.

Palabras clave: Elderly; adverse effect; medical prescription.
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