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Viernes 13 de diciembre 2019   BUSQUEDA
Felix  Edward L.
Minimally invasive inguinal hernia repair: back to the future
Rev Colomb Cir 2018; 33(3)  : 246


Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair has come a long way in the last 25 years. We began with very crude instrumentation, but with the knowledge that we had to duplicate the posterior repairs of Nyhus and Stoppa. At first, most surgeons utilized a transperitoneal (TAPP) because the anatomical view was a familiar one. Soon however, many surgeons with advanced laparoscopic skills switched over to a totally extraperitoneal technique (TEP). The techniques have been slow to gain universal popularity, but have finally been accepted in some circles as the gold standard. With the addition of the extended totally extraperitoneal approach (E-TEP) developed by Jorge Daes that allows the MIS approach to be applied to many of the anatomically more difficult hernias and the robotic TAPP (R-TAPP) that seems to shorten the learning curve for new MIS surgeons, the adoption of MIS inguinal hernia repair is now rapidly increasing.

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