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Sábado 07 de diciembre 2019   BUSQUEDA
Medellín  Anwar, Vinck  Eric E, Cabrera  Luis, Peterson  Tim.
Postpolypectomy syndrome presenting with “microperforation” and pneumoperitoneum:
conservative approach for a rare cause of acute abdominal pain
Rev Colomb Cir 2018; 33(3)  : 318-322


Post-polypectomy syndrome is a rare cause of acute abdominal pain following colonoscopic polyp resections. Conservative treatment may be considered in selected patients. We present a literature review of Post-polypectomy syndrome and report a case and our experience with a young female who presented with an acute abdominal pain following a colonoscopic polypectomy. We selected a conservative approach based on clinical findings, lab tests and CT results; the patient had complete recovery and no additional intervention was required. Conservative treatment with IV fluids, nothing by mouth and antibiotics can be an alternative treatment plan for selected patients with mini-perforations presenting without peritoneal irritation.

Palabras clave: Colonic polyps, colonoscopy, endoscopic mucosal resection, intestinal perforation, conservative treatment.
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