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Pérez Cordero Alexander, Chamorro Anaya Leonardo, Doncel Mestra Arturo.
Endophytes bacterial growth promoters isolated to colosoana grass, Department of Sucre, Colombia
Rev MVZ Córdoba 2018; 23(2)  : 6696-6709


Objective. Evaluate in vitro the efficiency of endophytic growth promoting bacteria isolated from different colosuana grass tissues in the municipality of Corozal, department of Sucre, Colombia.

Materials and methods. Endophytic bacteria were isolated, population density was determined in CFU/g of tissue, then quantitative and qualitative tests of FBN activities, phosphate solubilization, siderophore production and AIA were carried out to finally identify by sequencing the bacteria that had positive growth promotion activity.

Results. The largest populations were found in roots (5.0 X 1010 3.8 X 1010 2.8 X 1010 2.4 X 1010 and 1.5 X1010 CFU/g of tissue, for the location of the Peñas, the Mamon, Canta gallo, Chapinero and Hato Nuevo, respectively) with respect to stem and leaf. A total of 53 isolated endophytes bacteria, 18 showed reducing capacity of N2 to ammonium; 15 morphotypes showed phosphate solubilizing capacity; 8 of indole acetic acid production and 12 of siderophore producers.

Conclusions. This work isolated endophytes bacteria with the ability to promote plant growth. Two species of endophytic bacteria were identified as Delftia tsuruhatensis and Pseudomonas hibiscicola (S. maltophilia), which showed excellent solubilization results of phosphates, reduced N2 to ammonium, production of indol acetic acid and the production of siderophores.

Palabras clave: Microorganisms, plant tissue, nutrition.
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