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Viernes 06 de diciembre 2019   BUSQUEDA
Myung  Eduardo, Covre Camocardi Eveline, Domingos Neto José, Augusto Murta Guilherme, Sanches  Vania, Nozaki  Diego, Arrebola de Moraes Presoto Augusto.
ANAMT Technical Guideline (TG #4):
Revista Bras. Med. Trab. 2018; 16(2)  : 243-252



The present guideline is a review based on methods for article search and selection compatible with the approach to systematic reviews developed within evidence-based medicine. This procedure ensures adequate impartiality, reproducibility, transparency and sensitivity in the selection and evaluation of scientific articles for elucidation of the efficacy of health technologies. Detailed information is provided in Appendix 1. Even when their results are inconclusive, systematic reviews have potential to attain higher levels of scientific certainty relative to a given clinical question. The degree of certainty and strength of recommendations in systematic reviews depend on the quality of the scientific evidence available in the retrieved primary articles.

Palabras clave: accidents, sudden death, syncope and work: screening with electrocardiogram
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