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Pineda Murillo Javier, Martínez Carrillo Gumaro, Torres Aguilar Jesús, Viveros Contreras Carlos, Hernández León Omar.
Aberrant vasculature and chronic abdominal pain in simple renal ectopia
Bol Coleg Mex Urol 2019; 34(1)  : 17-19


Introduction: Simple renal ectopia is defined as a mature kidney that does not reach its normal location in the renal fossa from its origin, during embryonic development. The average incidence in autopsy series is 1 in 900 cases and 0.003% in prenatal ultrasounds with greater recognition in women and preference for the left side.

Clinical case: A 21 years old woman with no pathological personal history, presented to the urology clinic for a condition of one year of evolution, characterized by left lower abdominal pain. An abdominal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan showed an empty left renal fossa and a left lumbar ectopic kidney, malrotated and hypotrophic, anterior to the left iliac vessels, with an aberrant arterial vasculature.

Discussion: Most ectopic kidneys are asymptomatic; however, the abnormal position of the kidney determines an atypical pain pattern. The arterial and venous network is abnormal and its vascular pattern depends on the final position of the kidney. The kidney can be irrigated in its entirety by multiple anomalous branches.

Conclusion: Although most ectopic kidneys are asymptomatic, abdominal complaints secondary to the abnormal vasculature may be present.

Palabras clave: renal, ectopia, abdominal, vasculature.
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