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Licona Enriquez , Delgado De la Mora , Paddock D. Christopher, Rosales  Cecilia, Candia Plata , Álvarez Hernández Gerardo.
Mortality in Pertussis, a retrospective study in a pediatric hospital in Sonora, Mexico
Bol Clin Hosp Infant Edo Son 2018; 35(1)  : 20-29


Background. Pertussis is a reemerging disease worldwide and a public health problem. In Mexico, little is known about pertussis mortality. This study aims to identify factors associated with death due to pertussis among children in Sonora, Mexico, which may help guide therapeutic decisions in settings similar to the study site.
Methods. We compared fatal and nonfatal cases from a consecutive case series of 105 children under 5 years of age with diagnosis of pertussis treated in a pediatric hospital in Sonora, Mexico from 2009 to 2016. Clinical and epidemiologic data were retrieved and characterized from medical charts. The relationship between leukocyte count, pneumonia and death from pertussis was examined using multivariate logistic regression.
Results. The pertussis case fatality rate within our study sample was 17.1%. A larger proportion of fatal (88.9%) than non-fatal cases (56.1%) were less than 4 months of age (p-value=0.09). The odds of death were higher for children with leukocyte counts ?50,000 cells per ?L (odds ratio [OR]=34.2, 95% confidence interval [CI]: 5.1, 228.7) and children with pneumonia (OR=34.4, 95% CI: 3.3, 359.9).
Conclusions. Death due to pertussis remains a public health problem in Sonora, Mexico. Children diagnosed with pertussis who have leukocyte counts ?50,000 cells per ?L and have pneumonia may be at greatest risk of death.

Palabras clave: Leukocytosis, cough, Mexico
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