Prevalência de lombalgia e fatores associados em trabalhadores de uma empresa agropecuária do sul do Brasil

Autores: Haeffner Rafael, Mansano Sarquis Leila Maria, Da Silva Haas Gheysa Fernanda


Context: The low back pain is among the musculoskeletal disorders that most affect workers in general, generates suffering, absenteeism and result in social and economic losses to society in general. Objective: The aim of this study was to describe the prevalence and analyzed the factors associated with work-related low back pain. Methods: A cross-sectional study where the participants were employees of an agricultural company in southern Brazil. The workforce of the company had many different occupations. The research instrument was a semi structured questionnaire applied through interviews. Results: Of the 326 workers of the company, 273 were interviewed (83,8%). It was found a prevalence of 59,1% of low back pain among the study participants. Low back pain was mainly associated with female gender, low and normal body mass index (BMI), and occupational exposures as heatstroke, do a lot of strength in work tasks, remain in a static position, self-reported depression, irritability or nervousness caused by work and sleep poorly. Conclusion: We conclude that there is a need to implement strategies that address both the socio demographic, psychosocial dynamics and organization as work.

Palabras clave: Occupational health low back pain risk factors pain worker.

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Vol. 13 Núm.1. Enero-Junio 2015 Pags. 35-42 Revista Bras. Med. Trab. 2015; 13(1)