Pulmonary hyperclarity pattern in torax radiography: associated pathologies

Autores: Abundiz Bibiano Karla E., Sotelo Robledo Roberto, Chino Mendoza Juan M.


The presence of the hyperclarity pattern in chest radiography studies (chest X-RAY), like other radiological patterns, guides us to reduce our differential diagnoses, this coupled with the clinical picture, age of the patient and suspicion of delivery. Demonstrating that in certain pathologies, the simple radiographic study continues to be of great help, correlating with tomographic studies when necessary.

Palabras clave: Chest X-Ray pulmonary hyperclarity thorax tomography

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Vol. 20 Núm.1. Enero-Marzo 2021 Pags. 78-84 An Radiol Mex 2021; 20(1)