Coronavirus disease-19 in the older persons: Recommendations for a comprehensive inpatient care

Autores: Ruiz Manríquez Carlos A, García Lara Juan M, Hernández Ruiz Virgilio A, Negrete Najar Juan P, Navarrete Reyes Ana P, Aguilar Navarro Sara G, Ávila Funes José Alberto


Since the World Health Organization declared a pandemic status for coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the number of cases and fatalities in Mexico and the rest of the world have exponentially risen. Older persons (OPs) have been one of the populations particularly identified as vulnerable to diverse negative health-related outcomes, which could be partially explained, by the contribution of physiological changes related to the aging process, and a higher comorbidity burden. Given the current situation of a surge of cases or a second wave of the pandemic in Latin America, and the absence of a curative treatment, quality inpatient treatment of OP with COVID-19 not only relies on supportive treatment but also comprehensive care of potentially associated geriatric issues. The objective of this narrative review is to provide practical diagnostic and therapeutic considerations for the inpatient care of OP with COVID-19.

Palabras clave: Coronavirus disease-19 older persons comprehensive geriatric assessment pandemic severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2

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Vol. 6 Núm.2. Julio-Diciembre 2020 Pags. 55-61 J Lat Am Geriatric Med 2020; 6(2)