Use of an electronic database for psychiatry (Microcares) in Mexico.

A decade of experience at the National Medical Center 

Autor: Ruíz Flores Luis Guillermo


Psychiatry is without a doubt the branch of medicine most related to human communication; its core clinical data arise from a skillful interview with at least the dyad patient-psychiatrist, but usually the family and the medical team are also involved in the recollection of behavioral, cognitive and emotional data. Every patient has a different experience of life with his own psychodynamics and meaning of those events, which the psychiatrist needs to interpret and translate to medical words judging what seems normal and what would seem psychopathological. Psychiatry compared to other specialties in medicine has always had a special language with an abundance of subjective terms; it is a medical language but at the same time a psychosocial language closely related to culture. The enormous task of making these psychiatric terms correlate with the same reality in different countries has been undertaken successfully in the development of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) but at the cost of over simplifying psychopathology.

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