Classical transfer of attitudes , compound conditional stimulus and estimulus equivalence

Autor: Vargas Mendoza Jaime Ernesto


3 groups of students were submit to classical conditioning attitude transfer. Two female (CSs) names were associated with a list of 20 pleasant words (UCSs) and other three female names associated to a list 20 unpleasant words in a delay procedure. Later occur the transfer measured by means of a semantic differential printed protocol. Also was monitored the conditional response to compound stimulus conformed with some combinations of the female names. Results are discussed in the light of equivalence relations and relational frame theory. It is suggested the existence of classical relational frames.

Palabras clave: Classical conditioning attitude transfer stimulus equivalence compound conditional stimulus.

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Vol. 2 Núm.2. Mayo-Agosto 2006 Pags. 5-16 Notas 2006; 2(2)