Oaxaca is the poorest region in Mexico. Is located at the southwest coast of the Pacific Ocean and have the third greatest territory in the country. There come together both mountain ranges giving form to the “Mixteca Noodle”. We have a picturesque land with splendid views and broad biodiversity of plant and animals. Our history have a close relation with the surround geographical conditions and no matter the presence of great ancient cultures in the past, now days there are only archeology vestiges and several people groups who inherit those dynasty deprived of the opportunity for his development. Cities congregate the broad density of people and are the place were come together and sell the regional products in a traditional way at popular markets. There are few industrialization and one important source for economy are the money coming from tourist endeavors. Foreigners enjoy regional dishes, crafts, folklore and beaches. Present times and old poverty promote fluid emigration of workers. Young mans traveling to U.S.A. looking for opportunities, living behind disintegrated families and small towns were only live ancient people, women and children. American money arriving have turned so important for surviving and kip faith in this places. Nevertheless, great mans have gown in this land like Benito Juárez and the Flores Magon Brothers, ideologues of Mexican Reform and Revolution. Also in art (Tamayo) or culture (Vasconcelos).

Palabras clave: Poverty children cognitive development.

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