Heavy metals content in soil near non-ferous metals production facility and domestic wastes landfill in the area of Kardzhali Town

Autores: Chilingirova Rositsa E, Staykova Jeni N, Velcheva Iliana G, Naydenova Vanya M


The predominant soil types in the region of Kardzhali are maroon forest soils – highly leached and poorly podzolized. Most of the soils have medium to high erosion ability - II-III degree, and the pH is neutral to slightly alkaline (7-7,8). Few are weak and moderate acidic pH (6,7-5). Soils are mostly shallow to moderately deep, poor in nutrients. In the region of Kardzhali main pollutants are heavy metals from mining-processing and metallurgical business activities of “Gorubso-Kardzhali” - AD and LZC - AD, Kardzhali. In the paper are presented results of soil contamination mainly with lead, cadmium, copper and zinc, showing concentrations of lead in the soil over the MAC, according to Ordinance ¹ 3/2008 Standards for acceptable content of harmful substances in soil.

Palabras clave: Soil heavy metals pollution Kardzhali Bulgaria.

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Vol. 3 Núm.1. Julio 2011 Pags. 19-24 Ecologia Balkanica 2011; 3(1)