Data on Hatchlings of Caucasian Rock Lizard, Darevskia valentine (Boettger, 1892) in Northeastern Anatolia

Autores: Tayhan Yahya, Çiçek Kerim, Ayaz Dinçer, Tok C Varol


During our field work in the Tepeler Village (Ardahan, Turkey) on 27th of August, 2010, we observed hatchlings of Darevsika valentine. The mean body length of was found as 28.06 + 1.14 (25.3 - 30.4) and the total length as 70.81+ 3.92 (61.9-81.0). Juveniles were generally observed under stones and those portions of the roots of annual herbaceous plants which remain under stone are also used as shelters for juveniles. Neonates on the southern slopes of the hills could be individually seen and mostly, individuals aggregated [median number of individuals, 6 (1-15)] and lived in groups.

Palabras clave: Darevskia valentine hatchlings Northeastern Anatolia Turkey.

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Vol. 3 Núm.1. Julio 2011 Pags. 75-78 Ecologia Balkanica 2011; 3(1)