Bryophytes in protected territories of Plovdiv City (Bulgaria):

Preliminary species list and first data of air pollution monitoring 

Autores: Hristeva Yordanka G, Gecheva Gana M, Yurukova Lilyana D


The study comprises preliminary results of survey on bryophyte diversity in protected areas in the city of Plovdiv and biomonitoring urban air pollution with moss Hypnum cupressiforme. The finding of 2 species with conservational value (Isothecium myosuroides Brid., Grimmia crinite Brid.) suggests that surveys of bryophyte biodiversity across protected landscapes should be continued. The determined concentrations of 15 elements in Hypnum cupressiforme revealed no serious pollution by airborne heavy metals and toxic elements contaminants. The applied biomonitor and PCA distinctly separated anthropogenic influenced city sites and reference one.

Palabras clave: Bryophytes biodiversity monitoring of air pollution Hypnum cupressiforme.

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Vol. 3 Núm.1. Julio 2011 Pags. 89-94 Ecologia Balkanica 2011; 3(1)