¿Cuándo son necesarios los anticonvulsivantes en los tumores cerebrales?

Autores: Caballero Restrepo Alberto Fabio, Guinand Vives Carlos Humberto, Guzmán Molano Luisa Fernada


The use of anticonvulsant drugs is controversial at present for use by patients with brain tumors and we as neurosurgeons have been part and the center of controversy at the time we decided to use a anticonsulsivant sometimes with the best of intentions but indiscriminately not intend to give a last word, but with this short review to give guidelines for the initiation of these drugs and share the opinion of our institution thereon.

Palabras clave: Anticonvulsant therapy secondary epilepsy brain tumor.

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Vol. 18 Núm.2. Abril 2011 Pags. 132-139 Neurocien Colom 2011; 18(2)