Yodo, un elemento esencial antes y después del embarazo

Autores: Arroyo Helguera Omar, García Cruz César Pastor, Xochihua Rosas Irene


Iodine is an essential element more than forming part of the thyroid hormones, also has antioxidant and antiproliferative functions that helps to maintain normal tissue physiology. In this review we discuss the elements that support the prophylactic use of iodine before and after pregnancy; as well as the iodine action mechanisms that maintains the normal physiology of different tissues including placenta. During pregnancy the demand of thyroid hormones is higher and depends on the bioavailability of iodine from the diet and a proper functioning of the Thyroid Gland (TG). Iodine deficiency during pregnancy could be related with preeclampsia development and in the baby can lead to the nervous system an irreversible damage in the fetus. In Mexico, iodine deficiency still prevails, thus, it is very important watch that dietary supplements contain iodine and they be given systematically to pregnant and lactating mothers.

Palabras clave: Iodine preeclampsia pregnancy.

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Vol. 6 Núm.12. Septiembre 2010 Pags. 48-55 UniverSalud 2010; 6(12)